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Provide Your Clients with the best Online Mediation Results 

Fast Performance

Consistent results each time with automatic note-taking. 

Online Support

Experience the convenience of seamless online mediation. 

Top Security

End to end encryption of meetings with transcribed notes. 

Learn All About the Advantages that Our System Has to Offer

Personalize Your Experience

Each subscriber has a personalized dashboard with a list of their client details - GDPR/ AML, initial briefs of case and notes during contact with client. 

24/7 Remote Access from All Locations

We are accessible from anywhere on the globe and provide the same flexibility for you when dealing with your clients. Full encrypted and transcribed communication for consistent records. 

Paperless Process

Transcription function enables consistent records which aids in pre-synopsis for litigation if needed.

Revenue Tracker 

Track the time spent on each client and never miss billing opportunity. 


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Lawyers & Information Security 

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