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Our Story

RESOLV was born as a concept to optimize the process of Online Alternative Dispute Resolution for commercial legal matters. Our market research prevailed that currently most commercial dispute resolution practitioners, lawyers and mediators, in many jurisdictions have to take aid of multiple tools and apps to conduct an effective and cost efficient ODR process. Moreover, no matter which one of these tools or apps are employed in the mediation process, it will not guarantee secured encryption of the session, nor will it provide transcribed paperless records for future reference and safe record keeping should a non-binding result of a mediation be contested in Court. Our mission is very simple. We would like to empower all commercial disputes practitioners with a platform that allows them to conduct seamless end to end encrypted mediation sessions remotely from anywhere in the world.

RESOLV was founded by Anishka Prasad - Lawyer, Entrepreneur and LawTech enthusiast. Starting her career off in commercial disputes and litigation in New Zealand, gave Anishka a sound understanding of the process of dispute resolution and mediation. Being a process driven person, Anishka identified the lack of tools available to lawyers to give them the confidence of relying on secure and consistent record keeping of ODR processes employed by them. Combining her experience and knowledge of legal practice with her passion for LawTech, she founded RESOLV to better enable fellow practitioners.

Founder & CEO, RESOLV

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